Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gamble & Burke’s “Let’s Go Together” available for 99 cents!

Kitsuné Maison Compilation 9 (Petit Bateau Edition) is available to download.  It's a very fun CD with a bunch of our favorite new artists that we would be pimping even if we weren't on it. But since we are on it we'll be pimping it even harder.  :-)

So we'll take this moment to tell you about how Kitsuné is the world's coolest record label not only because they have an uncanny ability to spot the hottest tunes/artists but also because they have an outstanding clothing line.

Anyway- for those on a tight budget because you spent your cash on Kitsuné clothing you can now get Gamble & Burke "Let's Go Together" for 99 CENT.

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