Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lyrics & Link---LAY LOW

So, here is everything you need to enjoy Lay Low to the fullest, in the privacy of your own home, car, picnic, cubicle, local dive bar bathroom stall or late night afterhours party that eventually gets reported to the po-po! If you wanna do your own version of this song in any way, you have our blessing!! You want the karaoke version with Dan Burke on background vocals?? Hit us up at 1(708) LAY-LOW2!! Enjoy yourselves and stay classy!

LAY LOW  written & performed by Gamble & Burke

Under pressure to get things right
That kinda stress I don't need tonight
Lookin for somethin to make me forget,
maybe a chance to regret, I don't know what to expect.
(It's alright)
It's alright you're gonna have those days
Sometimes you gotta plan a getaway
I gotta go easy. This scene has been killin me!

Been working hard I need a place to LAY LOW
I'm looking for a spot that nobody knows
Out on the street there's too much heat
I need a place to LAY LOW

Gettin down to somethin new tonight
let my guard down, noone here to fight
Steppin cross the line where rules can be bent
this is a special event, givin 100 percent
(It feels great)
It feels great I gotta find a way
to make this last forever, if I had my say
I'd always be easy. Layin' Low and feelin free!!


He's going deep to get loose. Don't need no excuse.
He needs a break from the heat. Gonna keep it discreet.
I gotta follow that feeling, without being revealing.
See it's nobody's business but my own
So just leave me alone, cuz I...


GAMBLE & BURKE - LAY LOW from Kaz Gamble on Vimeo.

Here's the FREE Download!!!

Lay Low by Gamble and Burke

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