Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Case & Point - All On Me (Featuring Gamble & Burke)

We're super excited to be featured on the latest Case & Point track just released on Monstercat!

Case & Point - All On Me (Featuring Gamble & Burke)

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when the time comes be ready don’t you hesitate.
there's nobody left in the world who could ever shake my faith.
No holding me back. No holding this back. don’t you see?
You can count on me. Put it down on me. cuz now it's all on me.

i'm turning the page
on a tale of a fool who lost his way
i'm turning around leaving today
what's it feel like - how's that sound?

i can admit that
thought I might be quit when
it seemed it wasn't meant to be.
but I made a promise
i'm keeping it honestly
Now it's all on me.

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