Monday, February 8, 2010

Kaz Gamble to debut new G&B in JP at the Milky Way.

Kaz Gamble of Gamble & Burke is Dj'ing in Boston Friday Feb 12, 2101 at  "TOGETHER: Silent Storm Sound System Presents: RECESS" in Boston/Jamaica Plain.

Silent Disco

Together is proud to present Boston’s first-ever silent disco party. It is about what you would expect, wireless headphones for all and a DJ (in this case, one Mikey Lee aka Coralcola) playing music directly into your ears. It’s a near-perfect scenario for the Milky Way in JP which is inimate and protective enough to make a bar feel like home. So this is the equivalent of being in your living room, except all your friends are also dancing with their headphones, and they are listening to the same music as you. Think of it as a headphone splitter for everyone in the club.
TOGETHER: Silent Storm Sound System Presents: RECESS
Coralcola | Kaz Gamble | Flavorheard | Voltran
Milky Way

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