Saturday, July 9, 2011

Gamble & Burke's 5 favorite movies of all time!!

5. TRADING PLACES Kaz loves Trading Places! It features Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd in their hilarious, youthful prime. Jamie Lee Curtis also contributes foxiness, which we love. Also, the Rags to Riches theme is inspiring to us. The expression on Eddie's face right here pretty much says it all.

4. BEVERLY HILLS COP 2 A worthy, second installment of the beloved 80's comedy/action film features Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy) back in Beverly Hills with Rosewood and Taggart, investigating a series of "alphabet crimes". This time Brigitte Nielson's involved!

3. COMING TO AMERICA This amazing movie features Mr. Murphy at the peak of his power playing everything from the Prince of Zamunda to Brooklyn Jew, Saul, to this crazy man pictured, Randy Watson. This is my (Burke) favorite movie of all time! Arsenio Hall is also at the peak of his power here.

2. 48 HRS. This gritty cop duo movie displayed Eddie Murphy's prowess as a lead role dramatic actor as well as his usual technically flawless comedic timing. Definitely kinda stole the show here from Mr. Nick Nolte. 48 Hours also features some unsettling racial and gender dynamics indicative of the pre-politically correct 80's. Again, this picture says alot. Damn, Jack! 

1. BEVERLY HILLS COP Finally, we have our favorite movie ever created! Everything is perfect. Eddie, Judge Reinhold, John Ashton and foxy Lisa Eillbacher all act their asses off in this hilarious comedy/action/cops/drugs/romance/historical fiction/drama/thriller/comedy/mystery-drug movie. There's banana's going into mufflers, there's guys getting thrown into buffet's and of course, shootouts and strippers! Case closed, folks!!!

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