Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gamble & Burke’s Top 5 Favorite Places to Lay Low in Worcester

Kaz and I believe 'laying low' is when you need a break from not only the stress of work and responsibility towards others in your life, but also a chance to drop off the map completely and not even have to run into anyone you know! A real getaway. A break from the heat on the streets. Like a reverse Cheers! --"sometimes you wanna go where nobody knows your name..."

So, here are some places in the Worcester area where we like to go for laying low:

5. Citizen ---a classy joint--almost too classy, but they are just the best cocktails in the city, hands down. also, this is a spot where you're definitely bound to run into somebody you know, which is why its kinda far down the list. But it's a hot spot. Chill bartenders too.

4. Ho Toy ---The epitome of laying low is when a place don't even have any windows on it. This large  chinese restaurant makes strong, delicious mai tai's. Takes me away to a palm tree shaded beachscape  everytime. You probably wont run into anyone you know, which is how you like it when you're laying low.

3. 15 Castle St. ---this is an unofficial address. It's kinda like that trainline in Harry Potter that takes them to the magic castle. You need special knowledge to get there. Call the hotline at the bottom of this post if you wanna lay low there.

2. An Cu Liath/the Greyhound ---this neat little Irish pub lay low spot is right in Kelley Sq., though, most people I mention it to don't even know what I'm talking about. It has a traditional Celtic name that can be confusing. Although, they just changed their sign to the english translation, The Greyhound, which might be better for business, but it just lost a little of it's lay lowness. O well.

1. The Crescent Cafe ---Awesome sign out front of this joint on sleepy/shady Canterbury St. Charles, who  runs this spot is the shit, and they got a great jukebox and pool table. They often serve a variety of delicious soul food and burgers. They also have killer poetry nights! No windows, cheap drinks, discreet location, chill owner. You will not run into anyone here. Word.

Let us know your favorite places to lay low friends!!! Unless you wanna keep that on the down low, in which case, I completely understand.

1(708) LAY-LOW2 that's 1(708) 529-5692.


  1. Love all of them. Haven't been to Crescent Cafe, maybe when I go back though : )

  2. Hell yeah cassandra! Also, The Cosmopolitan on Hamilton St. just missed our list too! Super lay low---almost too much so!